Helping your dog grow in agility.

We are taking enrolments for Term 1 2024. Classes start 18th January 2024.  

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Waikato Agility Group offers training classes in the sport of Dog Agility. Our clubrooms are based in Melville Park in Hamilton.

WAG has produced 22 Agility Champions, 9 of which have gone on to become Agility Grand Champions.
We have also had 13 Jumpers Champions, 9 of which have become Jumpers Grand Champions.

Terms last 10 weeks and there is a 2-3 week break between Terms.

Term 1 - 18 January to 21 March
Term 2 - 11 April to 13 June
Term 3 - 11 July to 12 September
Term 4 - 3 October to 5 December

Break up night games and fun - December 12th 2024

WAG Membership renewals are due annually, before the AGM in February.