Class 1: Foundation

Please pay as soon as you enrol.  Use the name of the person who will be training on the payment and the class name and term number as the reference e.g. Found T1

Classes will be capped at 12 enrolments.  The first 12 enrolments who PAY will be placed in the class. I will try to update the website as soon as this happens. If you miss out, you may join a waitlist or enrol for the next term instead. 

This is our entry level class. Dogs must be at least 15 months old. Basic agility control is taught in the early weeks, before moving onto some elementary equipment. A big objective of Foundation class is for dogs and handlers to start forming a strong bond as a team.

Classes start at 7.30pm. The first night is an introductory session in the club rooms with no dogs. If you don’t receive an email about this, please contact

Please note that anyone training or attending events run by WAG is required to have a valid Covid-10 Vaccine Certificate. You will be required to provide your Vaccine Certificate to a Committee member.



Foundation class fees:

Term 1, 2, 3

$90 ($50 for the class + $40 for an individual membership fee)

or $100 ($50 for training and $50 for membership) if you join as a family.

Term 4

$60 ($50 for training and $10 for membership.)  Please ignore what the enrolment form tells you!!

Class Registration


Owner Details


Family Membership: Must be living at same residence to qualify. Please list other family members in the notes field at the bottom of this form.

Dog Details


Any additional information to include with your enrolment

Payment Details

Total Fee: $ 50

Payment is accepted by via Internet Banking, or Cash / Cheque.
Your place is not confirmed until payment has been received.

Disclaimer: The aim of Waikato Agility Group (WAG) is to instruct Handlers in how to teach their dogs to do agility. WAG endeavours to achieve this aim, but it must be recognised that not all dogs will reach competition level. While all care is taken by the committee and members of WAG, WAG is not liable/responsible for any injury sustained by any Dog/Handler during use of the equipment or due to any altercation with any other Dog. By paying the appropriate training and membership fees, the Handler agrees that the Handler is responsible for the actions of their Dog.