WAG’s Rules help all our members to enjoy their time training with us and our dogs can train in a safe manner.

Clubroom rules:
1. The clubrooms and equipment shed shall be kept clean and tidy at all times
2. There is a NO SMOKING policy within the clubrooms
3. NO DOGS are allowed in the clubrooms

Ground rules:
1. Dogs to be kept on leads at all times unless under the direct supervision of an instructor.
2. Dogs must not be allowed to bark excessively or growl. Aggressive dogs that cannot be physically controlled by the handler may be required to be muzzled while attending classes, until control is gained.
3. If a dog fouls on the grounds it must be cleaned up by the handler. (It is advisable not to feed your dog immediately before coming to training).
4. Bitches in season are not allowed on the grounds.
5. All dogs must be kept inoculated against Parvo Virus, Distemper and Canine Hepititis. (It is also advisable to inoculate against Kennel Cough and Leptospirosis).
6. Dogs should not be brought to the grounds in a sick, diseased or distressed state.
7. All dogs must be currently registered with your local council have a current council registration.
8. All members must comply with HCC (Hamilton City Council) animal and dog control bylaws while on the grounds.
9. No unwarranted harsh handling of dogs is permitted.
10. No vehicle shall be driven or parked on grassed area of the ground (without prior permission of the committee) unless for loading or unloading equipment. Parking behind the clubhouse is reserved for committee members and instructors, and at shows for committee, judges and officials.
11. Dogs are to be controlled with leather or nylon ‘flat’ collars. No choke chains allowed.
12. The committee reserves the right to limit a dog’s participation if it is considered to be overweight.